Jacob Pellegren is a seasoned design professional with a strong commitment to innovation and excellence. With a proven track record in successfully managing projects from concept to completion, Jacob excels in creating visually stunning products and services that cater to customer needs. His expertise lies in user experience (UX) design, where he has demonstrated a keen understanding of creating intuitive and user-friendly interactions.
In his role as UX Lead and Manager at IRALogix, Jacob showcased his ability to manage projects efficiently, ensuring timely delivery within budget constraints. His analytical skills were instrumental in utilizing data from user research studies to inform design decisions. Jacob also played a crucial role in mentoring junior team members, optimizing workflow processes with modern development tools, and building effective relationships with key stakeholders.
Prior experiences at Beckett Collectibles, Tipico, USA, Vigtory, IBM, CIO, and Travelers have further solidified Jacob's expertise in the design space. He has consistently consulted on UX strategy development, implemented Agile methodologies, and provided valuable insights on visual designs and industry trends. Jacob's proficiency in creating high-fidelity mockups, interactive prototypes, and maintaining up-to-date knowledge of UX/UI design trends has been evident throughout his career.
Notably, as the Head of Design & UI Development at SportsHub Technologies, Jacob played a pivotal role in evaluating the competitive landscape, managing project timelines, and collaborating effectively to ensure successful product cycles. His leadership skills were evident in mentoring junior designers, providing constructive feedback, and presenting designs at executive meetings.
Jacob's educational background includes an Associate in Arts (A.A.) in Visual Communications from Katherine Gibbs. His skills encompass a wide range, from innovation and project scoping to leadership and cross-functional collaboration. Jacob has successfully contributed to projects for major sports entities like NFL, NCAA, Lexus, PGA TOUR, NASCAR, NHL, and NBA, showcasing his ability to work on diverse, high-profile projects.
In summary, Jacob Pellegren is a versatile design professional with a rich history of delivering impactful solutions. His commitment to staying ahead of industry trends, mentoring teams, and contributing to successful project outcomes positions him as a valuable asset in the design and UX/UI space.
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